Kaala Jamoon

We need:

Gulab Jamun Mix 1pkt
Sugar 2cups
Water 11/2 cup
Elachi 6 crushed
Saffron pinch
Oil to deep fry
Orange color pinch


Mix Gulab jamoon mix as u mix for Gulab jamun.
In 1/4 part of the mixed dough add color and 1spoon sugar.
Now make small balls of the colored dough.
Also make little bigger balls with rest of the dough.
Now fill the small colored ball into the bigger ball and make a ball again.
In a pan add sugar and water and boil to make sugar syrup.
Add saffron and also crushed elachi to the syrup to boil.
This gives nice color and also nice flavor.

Now deep fry all the jamoons till brown and keep aside.
After 3 mits fry the Jamoons again till dark brown color and immediately add the sugar syrup.
Let it rest for 1 hr so that the jamoons become soft from inside and also outside.


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