Chicken Dum Biryani

We need:

Chicken 2 pounds
Red onion 1large
Green chillies 6
Black peppercorns 10
Cinnamon Stick 1inch
Cloves 8
Elachi 5
Bayleaves 4
Basmati Rice 3 cups
Chicken biryani masala 4sps
Chilli powder 2sps
Salt to taste
Rose water 4sps
Food color 1/4 sp
Cilantro chopped 1cup
Curd 1cup
Ginger garlic paste 11/2 sp
Oil 1/2 cup


Marinate chicken with curd, ginger garlic paste, chopped green chillies, 2sps chicken biryani masala, Chilli powderand little salt. Marinate for atleast 2hrs.
Wash rice and add 10 glasses of water.
Add rest of the biryani masala, 2bay leaves, 1/2 inch cinnamon, 4 cloves, few peppercorns, Elachi, little chilli powder , jeera, salt to taste, 5sps oil and cook till rice is 80% done.
Drain the rest of the water when rice is 80% cooked.
In a pan heat rest of the oil and add rest of the whole garam masalas and chopped onions. saute for few mits and add marinater chicken. Cook till the chicken is 80% cooked and no water is left out.
In a tray spread half of the cooked rice and top it with chopped cilantro, few drops of rose water and food color with is mixed with water. Now add cooked chicken on top.
Now again repeat the same process of adding rest of the rice on top of chicken.
Again add cilantro, rose water and color water.
Now wet the paper towel and spread on top of rice as shown below.
Now cover the tray with foil tightly.
Cook in oven on 350 for 45 mits.
Serve hot with onions, lemon and Raita.
This biryani serves 4 people.


Suresh Bhatta said…
Good to see my favourite, biryani at ny favourite place. .

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