Bread crums

Few things which we get from stores can be easily made at home. One them is breadcrums. Last time when i wanted to bake fish i was out of breadcrums. I had few slices of bread at home. I gave it a try and could make
fresh bread crums at home. So now u can also make them at home and say no to store bought breadcrums.

We need:

Bread crums
Butter 2sps


Melt butter and spread lightly on bread slices.
Aggange these bread slices in an oven safe tray and bake them on 350 degrees for 10mits on each side.
Remove and let them cool.
Break the bread slices with ur hands and crush them in food processer or ur normal mixer.
If u want to add some seasoning of ur wish u can add and use them to bake chicken, fish etc....


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