Mirchi Bajji/ Mirapakai Bajji

Hello friends,
Am here again with my all time favourite snack Chilli bajji. Specially i love to have this on a rainy day. I guess most of u also like to have this on a rainy day. Today its raining outside and made this lovely snack for me and my hubby, as he also loves this snack. Cant wait to have this but my hubby is not yet home. So thought why dont i post this recipe to my blog befor he come. So friends here goes the recipe.......
We need:

Large bajji mirchi 4
Besan/gram flour 1cup
Vamu/Ajwai 1sp
Tamrind pulp 3sps
Salt to taste
Chilli powder 1/2 sp
Bicarbonate soda 1/4 sp
Oil to deep fry
Chopped onions 1/2 cup
Chat masala 1 sp
Lemon/Lime 1
Roasted peanuts 1/2 cup


Wash the chillies and make a slit to it from top to bottom just to fill masala into it.
Now make the filling masala.
Take 1sp besan/gram flour add very little salt, ajwai, and tamrind pulp.
Mix well it should be thick not too thin.
Now fill the masala into the slit chillies and keep aside.
Now make the batter for the bajji's.
Add little salt, chilli powder and bicarbonate soda to besan and mix well.
Now add warm water and make the batter little thick. Not too thin or too thick.
Heat oil in pan.
Now dip the masala filled chillies in to the besan batter and drop 1 by 1 in the hot oil.
Do not add too many chillies at a time.
Keep turning them so that they cook evenly.
Once they turn to golden brown color remove and place them on tissue paper so that excess oil is removed.
Once u finish frying all the bajji's.
Take 1 bajji at a time and again make a slit to the fried bajji.
Now fill the bajji with chopped onons and roasted peanuts.
Just before serving sprinkle chat masala on the bajji and some lime or lemon juice too.
Thats it serve hot with ur evening tea/chai.
I love to have this lovely snack on a rainy day.
So u too enjoy.


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