Sooji Halwa

We need:

Bombay rava/Sooji 1cup
Ghee/butter 3/4 cup
Sugar 1 1/2 cup
Water/ milk 3 cups
Kaju/cashew 10
Raisins/kissmiss 10
Elachi powder 1/2 sp


Heat pan andd ghee. Once the ghee is melted add raisins and cashew.
Try till cashews are golden brown and raisins are puffed up.
Now add Sooji and fry till it turns brown.
Add sugar and mix well.
Now add milk or water. In this recipe i have added water instead of milk.
U can even add half of water and half of milk.
Mix well and add elachi powder and mix well.
Put on lid and cook on low flame.
Switch off stove once all the water is evaporated.
Serve hot as it is or with poories.
I love to have this halwa with poori and masala chana.


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