Sorakaya appalu/ bottle gourd patties

This is one of my fav snack, which my mom and my anti used to make. Never tried making these before marriage as my anti used to make for me. She even sent it to me to Mumbai where i was after marriage. Was missing appalu after coming to USA. Last time when i went to India, was at my mom's place for Sankranthi, and my mom made these appalu for me.
As its Navratri time now, am making different different naivedyam each day. Today made these appalu and they turned up soo good that i couldnt resist and had 10 to 12 at a time... Ofcourse after offering to god. Here goes the recipe for u all...........
We need:

Rice flour 3 cups
Grated sorakaya/ bottle gourd( without seeds) 1cup
Green chilli paste 2sps
Ginger garlic paste 1 1/2 sp
Chopped curry leaves 3sps
Chopped cilantro 1/2 cup
Sesame seeds 2sps
Cumin seeds 2sps
Salt to taste
Bicarbonate soda 1/4 sp
Oil for deep frying


Grate sorakaya/ bottle gourd and add rice flour, salt, chopped curry leaves, cilantro, chilli paste, ginger garlic paste, soda, sesame and cumin seeds.
Mix them well and add little water at atime to make a dough.
Should not be too smooth, it has to be as ur chapathi dough.
Heat oil in pan and make small balls with this dough.
Take greased plastic sheet and place one ball on it and press gently with ur hands.
Grease ur hands too and press them very thinly and drop each of these into the oil.
Fry till golden brown and remove.
Should not fry too long or till crisp.
These appalu are not meant to be eaten crispy, have to be little soft.
These can be stored in air tight container for upto 10days.


Ms.Chitchat said…
Enjoyed browsing thro' ur space and glad to follow u:):)

sushma said…
Thanku soo much MS. Chitchat.
maha said…
yummy...nice n easy to make

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