Egg and Cheese Toast with Coffee

This is the first time I am participating in Srivalli's Blogging marathon. I have choosen Quick Breakfast as my theme which has to be made in 15 mits. This is the first day of the Marathon which continues till 7 days from today. I have made Egg and cheese Toast as my first day breakfast which is served with coffee. Here is the recipe......
We need:

Egg 1
Bread slices 2
Mozzarella cheese 2 spoons grated
Butter 1sp melted
Milk 1cup
Sugar 1sp
Coffee powder 1sp

Heat pan and add few drops of butter.
Now beat egg directly on to the pan.
After 2 mits top it with one bread slice.
Rest it for a minute and turn it around.
Now add cheese on top of the egg and top it again with another bread slice.
Cook it for 2 mits and transfer to a plate.
All this has to be done on medium flame.
Take a cup of milk add sugar and coffee powder to it. I have used nescafe.
Heat it in microwave for 2 mits and remove.
Now cut the egg and cheese toast to 2 pieces as u like and serve it with coffee.
This breakfast takes just 12 mits to prepare.

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Pavani said…
Simple yet hearty breakfast. Looks delicious. Welcome to blogging marathon.
sushma said…
Thanks Pavani...
Usha said…
That is a very quick and simple recipe!
Vardhini said…
Toast looks yummy .. quick and simple

Kurinji said…
Quick and yummy breakfast.First time here and u have a nice space. Glad to follow u!!!
Priya said…
Quick and simply inviting toast, marvellous..
divya said…
Very tempting and fabulous toast....
PJ said…
That's really a quick breakfast. I don't eat eggs but I would love to have a cheese sandwich and coffee anytime :)

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