Chatpata Boondhi

Today is the 3rd day of Blogging Marathon and I wanted to make something very simple which kids can also make by themselves. Its Chatpata boondhi. Here goes the recipe............
We need:

Boondhi 1cup
Chopped onion 2sps
Chopped cilantro 1sp
Chat masala 1/4sp
Lemon/lime juice 5sps


In a bowl add boondhi, chopped onion, cilantro, chat masala and lime juice.
Mix well and serve.

Sending this recipe to Kamalika's Kids Delight event.

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Rajani said…
My husband would def love this :)
Priya said…
Simply delicious,feel like finishing that bowl..
Looks very simple and delicious!!!!
Always loved at home, I do not add onions though ,will try next time.
Srivalli said…
Good one for the kids to assemble themselves!
Harini said…
Looks tempting! But I don't have to add all the flavors! My kids can empty the plain boondi itself!!
Kalyani said…
easy and simple :-) Just add a cup of chilled curd and Booondi Raitha is ready !!

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Cool Lassi(e) said…
Easy breezy Boondhi snack!
Suma Gandlur said…
Wow, this can be made in ajiffy.

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