Today's recipe is my all time favorite Bengali sweet Rasgulla. Made it for the first time today and it was big hit. Usually we see rasgulla's are white in color. As am cooking kids recipes for the week, thought why not add some color to them. Here goes the recipe....

We need:

Milk 4 cups
Lime juice 3sps
Sugar 4 cups
Water 4 cups
Food color of ur choice 1 pinch


Heat milk and add lime juice to it.
Keep stiring when the milk is getting warm.
When you see paneer on the top that is the time u remove from heat and transfer it to the thin muslin cloth to strain water.
Let cold water run through the paneer for a minute and remove excess water.
When done transfer it to a smooth surface and rub the paneer with your palm.
Meanwhile in a wide pan add water and sugar to make syrup.
Now if u like add very little food color mixed in water and add to the paneer.
Now mix well and make small balls out of them.
Add these balls into sugar syrup . Do not add too many because the paneer balls become double the size when done.
Cover with lid and cook on medium flame for 15 minutes.
That's it colorful rasgulla's are done.
Let them cool before serving.

Sending this recipe to Srivalli's Kids Delight event hosted by Vardhini for this monthAlso sending this Radhika's Lets cook kids special event.

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make it pretty often..but never satisfied fuly with the results...u motivated to try again
Vardhini said…
Inviting rasagullas. Thx for linking.

Event: Kid's Delight
Srivalli said…
That's a good one...
PJ said…
Liked your idea of adding color to the rasgulla :)
PJ said…
Liked your idea of adding color to the rasgulla :)
Priya said…
My all time fav, wish to have some rite now.
rasgulla came out perfect, nice recipe
Chef Mireille said…
eventhough I've seen in many shops, never tried these before - look good
Sangeetha said…
yummy Rasgullas..well made!!
Spicy Treats
Jayanthi said…
We love Rasgullas and it looks awesome. Love it totally!!!
I love rasgullas, should prepare them more often :)

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