Strawberry Cake

Hello friends, am back with 17th edition of Blogging Marathon. This time its not the week long marathon but 3 days marathon for each theme. And i choose Cooking with ready made stuff for the 1st week. Here am baking strawberry cake with pillsbury cake mix. Here is the recipe....

We need:

1packet of pillsbury moist supreme cake mix.
Oil 1/ 3cup
Water 1cup
Eggs 3


Take a mixing bowl and add cake mix, water, eggs and oil.
Mix well with hand mixer or blender.
Take a baking tray any shape of your choice.
Grease the tray with cooking oil or butter.
Now transfer the cake mix into the tray and bake on 350 degrees F for 30 to 35 minutes or till done.
Let the cake cool to room temperature.
Now its ready to serve.
U can serve as it is or apply some icing and serve.


Jayanthi said…
Always handy to have cake mix in the pantry the color of the cake. Nice!!!
Suma Gandlur said…
Love the colorful, fluffy cake.
Srivalli said…
The cake seems to have come out well!
Chef Mireille said…
what a wonderful color
PJ said…
I have been wanting to try this for a quick cake.Cake does look good...
Priya said…
Cake looks super tempting..Love to have a slice.
love that pink color of cake. .looks awesome
lovely color on the cake, will check if we get it here
Love the colour!!!Looks very nice!!

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