Ariselu / Athirasam

Hello friends. Back with another edition of Blogging Marathon. For the first week I choose to cook
Traditional Dishes. Made Ariselu for this year's Kartika Pournami. Could not make the perfect ariselu but the taste was very good. Will update the perfect pic when i make them again. Here goes the recipe

We need:

Rice 2 cups
Jaggery 1 cups
Ghee 4sps
Oil for deep frying
Elachi powder 1/4 sp


Soak rice over night and drain the water.
Let the rice dry for 30minutes.
Now make a fine powder wiht the rice.
Meanwhile heat pan and add grated jaggery and 1/4 cup water.
Add elachi powder.
The syrup has to be 1 string consistancy.
Remove form heat and add rice flour little at a time and mix well.
Finally add ghee and mix well.
Heat oil for deep frying.
Take a plastic apply little oil or ghee to the plastic sheet.
Take  small size dough made with rice flour and jaggery.
Press with ur fingers firmly to make a round pattie.
Do not make too thin.
Deep fry in oil till golden brown.
I couldnot make the perfect ariselu but the taste was awesome.

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Priya said…
Authentic adhirasams, i prepared some for diwali, feel like making some again.
Nisha Sundar said…
Yours look good Sushma... :) :) You should have seen mine this karthigai.... Mine turned into seedai rather I'll call it athirasam balls.. :P
Sreevalli E said…
Yummy sweet.. Love them anytime..
divya said…
yummy n delicious..
Chef Mireille said…
i almost made these for my last day of this category but then I decided to try the mysore pak instead - these look so yummy and I still plan to try them
rekhas kitchen said…
My favorite sweet and it's ok with the shape when they are tastey.. thats my view.....
So delicious and authentic sweet!!!
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Pallavi Purani said…
Really traditional :)
Jay said…
ohhh now....this looks tasty..
Tasty Appetite
rice and jaggery is always tricky to handle, appreciate your efforts
Suma Gandlur said…
Good ones Sushma. What did you use to powder rice, an Indian mixer?
Pavani said…
One of my favorite dishes.. Awesome..

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