Vegetable and Bean Soup

The final recipe for this week's marathon is vegetable and bean soup. Veggies used are simple  and easily available in market. Adding vegetable stock to this recipe gives and extra flavor to the soup.  Simple and filling soup for the day......

We need:

Black eye beans  1cup
Celery chopped 1/4 cup
Onion chopped 1/4 cup
Carrots chopped / diced 1/2 cup
Bay leaf 1
Black pepper powder 1/4 sp
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil / olive oil 1sp
Chopped garlic 1/2 sp
Water 4 cups / Vegetable stock
Cinnamon  1 inch stick
Dry rosemary 1/2 sp


Soak beans for 6hrs or over night.
Rinse well and cook till half done.
You can even use canned beans to avoid the above method.
In a deep sauce pan heat  oil and add chopped onion, celery and carrots.
Also add bay leaf, cinnamon and chopped garlic.
Saute well and cook till veggies turn soft.
Now add 4 cups water or vegetable stock, black pepper, rosemary and salt.
I have used store bought stock here. For best results use vegetable stock instead of water.
Mix well and cook on low flame for about 1hr or until beans and veggies are completely cooked.
Remove cinnamon and bay left before serving.
Serve hot.

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whole some soup...looks really filling....
Super comfort healthy soup...nice clicks too
Kalyani said…
flavourful bowl of soup there..
Pallavi Purani said…
The carrot flowers are do pretty :) Lovely combo
Priya Suresh said…
One of my H favourite soup, he can have it even everyday. Beautiful bowl of comforting soup.
Srivalli said…
Not sure if my comment came thr! that's a healthy soup Sushma...very nice one..
divya said…
this looks absolutely gorgeous...
such a complete meal by itself.. so rich in healthy nutrition!!!
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Suma Gandlur said…
A wholesome meal by itself.
Pavani said…
Hearty & delicious soup.. Slurp!!
Manju said…
Nutritious with veg and portion combo, with a bread perfect meal.
I like the addition of beans in a soup as it becomes a wholesome meal by itself!
Chef Mireille said…
simple and hearty soup
Rajani S said…
Nice and simple, yet filling soup! Good one...
Nisha Sundar said…
Healthy and filling!
Wholesome soup and love the cute carrot flowers!!
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