Nutella and Fruit Sandwiches

For this week Marathon I choose to cook finger food for kids parties. When we think of kids first thing which comes to my mind is Chocolate, and my kids love chocolates. Everyday I wonder what snack I have to pack for my kids school. Got to know that many kids get this nutella spread sandwiches to school and my kids stared asking me for that. You wont belive more than my kid I started liking nutella. This sandwich goes perfect for lunch boxes and also for kids parties. Easy to handle and less messy. Adding some fruits to this sandwich to make  little healthier snack.

We need:

Bread slices 4
Banana 1
Strawberry 3


Spread nutella on each slice  of bread.

Cut banana and strawberries into small pieces and place few on bread slices which is spread  with nutella.
Cover with another bread slice and cut into 2 halfs.
Serve as it is.

Check to see what my fellow bloggers are cooking for BM 29.

Also sending this entry to Kalyani who is hosting Kids delight - kids party menu.


Usha said…
Sushma,whenever I get nutella, mot of it goes into my stomach as it is. So I stopped buying it. neutella fruit sandwich sounds like perfect finger food for kids!
Srivalli said…
These nutella filled would surely get the kids excited!
Sapana Behl said…
Nutella with fruits must be yummy...
Priya Suresh said…
Kid's friendly sandwich, love this fabulous filling sandwich.
I am the smallest kid who is very very fond of this sinful nutella.and the ssndwich with fruits .is......mind blowing .
Nutella fruit sandwich sounds delicious!
Can't imagine the taste!! yummyy..looks awesome:)
Pavani N said…
That sandwich looks colorful and delicious. I'm sure kids love them.
Padmajha PJ said…
Who can resist this delicious sandwich!! I have made this with banana.Will add strawberries and Lil Angel is sure to love it even more!
Harini-Jaya R said…
The kids will love it for sure!
Manju said…
Even I love to have this sandwich for BF.
Preeti Garg said…
Delicious sandwich

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