Papaya & Banana Smoothie

Papaya is native to central and northern South America. Additional crops are grown in India, Australia, Philippines and Hawaii. Papaya is eaten raw and ripe. They can be used as a food, a cooking aid and in traditional medicines. The stem and bark may be used in rope production.

Papaya fruit is a significant source of Vitamin C, but otherwise generally has low content of nutrients. The ripe papaya is usually eaten raw without skin or seeds. The unripe papaya is eaten cooked in salads, curries and stews. In Thai cuisine unripe papaya is used in salads and Thai curries.

In some parts of the world papaya leaves are made into tea as a treatment for Malaria. It is also said that papaya leaves can raise the platelet levels in blood, it may be used as a medicine for Dengue fever.

For week 4, day 2, under the theme Fruits in different form, am here with another papaya recipe. I have taken ripe papaya and ripe banana to make a wonderful smoothie. Perfect cool smoothie for the summers. Here goes the recipe....


Ripe papaya 1 cup
Banana 1 
Plain yogurt / Greek yogurt 1/4 cup
Milk 1 cup
Ice cubes 1/2 to 1 cup


Peel papaya, remove seeds and cut into pieces.
Add papaya pieces, banana pieces, yogurt, milk and ice cubes to blender.
Blend until smooth and serve chilled.

Also sending this recipe to Kids Delight event - Fruits in any form, hosted by Harini for this month.


Srivalli said…
Somehow the colour made me think it was mango..very bright yellow colour..not to mention how healthy it is..
Sarita said…
Love this simple papaya banana smoothie.. Looks delicious.
Very healthy smoothie with a beautiful colour.
praba bubesh said…
vibrant smoothie..sounds too yum..
Rajani S said…
We eat papayas as such, never tried smoothies. Looks good.
Archana Potdar said…
Looks yum. The colour had me wondering if it was mango?
Sowmya :) said…
Delightful combo and a refreshing drink
Pavani N said…
Such a creamy and colorful smoothie.
The smoothie so much resembles mango juice. Lovely recipe with papaya!
Sapana Behl said…
Healthy and refreshing smoothie.
Chef Mireille said…
2 of my favorite fruits..perfect combo!
Priya Suresh said…
Papaya is my favourite fruit, obviously i love this smoothie..
Harini-Jaya R said…
Love the combo. I should try out adding papaya to my smoothies too.
sneha datar said…
Interesting combo, looks delicious.

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