Lemony Cucumber Cooler

Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family.It is creeping vine that bears cylindrical fruit that are used as culinary vegetables. Cucumbers are a warm season vegetable. This low calorie  vegetable contain many nutritional benefits including hydrating properties and valuable nutrients.

 For day 2 under the theme "Summer Coolers", am here with yet another drink to keep yourself cool. To keep yourself hydrated in this hot weather am here with a summer cooler with the combination of cucumbers and lemon. Which not only  gives this drink  a nice and tangy flavor  but also keep your body cool. This is refreshing and healthy for the whole family. Here goes the recipe...


Cucumber Juice 1 cup
Lime juice 1/4 cup
Black salt 1 spoon
Sugar 1/4 cup ( increase or decrease depending on your taste)
Chilled water 3 cups


Wash and cut cucumbers into medium size chunks. 
Blend in mixer or food processor.
Press through a sieve  to extract the juice.
Add cucumber juice to a mixing jar and add sugar, black salt  and lime juice.
Mix everything together till sugar and black salt  completely dissolves.
Now add chilled water and give it a stir .
Add the juice into serving glasses and top it with lime wedges and cucumber slices.
Serve chilled.

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This recipe also goes to Kids Delight event hosted by PJ for this month.


Srivalli said…
That's a nice one..never mixed with cucumber!
Sarita said…
Cucumber lemonade looks good., nice summer drink.
Priya Suresh said…
Wow, absolutely refreshing, prefect summer cooler.
Wonderful..looks and sounds very very refreshing.
I second valli. Never mixed lemon and cucumber. Love that green color. Would try it soon.
Smruti Shah said…
Wow I like the way you blended cucumber with lemonade. I should try it this summer!
Pavani N said…
Lemonade with cucumber sounds refreshing fir summer.
Harini-Jaya R said…
That is a good one. Never tried this combo.
Archana Potdar said…
That's a good one. Never had cucumber lemonade before.
Varadas Kitchen said…
Never tried this but it sounds refreshing
Gayathri Kumar said…
I have never tried mixing cucumber and lemon. Looks perfect for this scorching heat..
Refreshing and cooling drink for the summer!
Sowmya :) said…
This looks delightful....love the combination of cucumber and lemon!
Cucumber lemony cooler looks very refreshing!!

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