Avakai pachadi/ Mango pickle

We need:

Mango 1 large
Oil 2cups
Chilli powder 1 1/2 cup
Methi powder 3sps
Mustard powder 5sps
Salt 3sps( as per ur taste)
Garlic flakes 10


Wash mango and dry it with clean cloth.
Cut into small pieces and transfer to clean and dry vessel.
Add methi powder,mustard powder, chilli powder and salt.
Chop garlic to small pieces and add to the mixture.
Now add oil and see that add the mango pieces are fully covered with oil.
Oil has to float atleast 1/2 inch above the mango pieces.
Mix well and keep it to a clean place where no one touches the box for 3 days.
3 rd day remove and lid and mix well again. Add salt or oil if required.
This is the process for the mango pickle made for the whole year during the summers.
As my hubby does not like pickles, i made very little quantity for myself.
I love to have this pickle with hot rice.
Can be served with idly, dosa etc.....


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