For the fina


Fillo dough sheets 1packet
Sugar 2 cups
Pistachios crushed or powdered 5 cups
Butter 5 cups melted
Water 1 cup
Baking tray


Just follow the instructions how to defrost the fillo dough.

Crush the nuts and add 1/2 cup sugar to it.
I have used pistachios, you can use almonds, walnuts also according to your taste.
Melt butter and keep aside.
Mean while add 1 cup water to sugar and make sugar syrup.
Now grease the baking tray with butter or non stick spray.
Separate the fillo sheets one by one and spread them inside the baking tray.
For each fillo sheet apply butter on top.
Continue this till u spread 8 sheets.
Now spread 1/2 of the crushed nuts mixed with sugar on top.
Now repeat the process apply butter to each sheet for next 8 sheets.
Now spread rest of the crushed nuts on top.
Repeat the process applying butter to each sheets.
Now do this till all the sheets are done.
Now spread all the remaining butter on top and cut the pieces in what ever shape u want.
Preheat oven on 350 degrees and bake the baklava for 1hr.
Remove from oven and spread the sugar syrup on top.
Now bake it for 15 minutes more and remove from oven.
Let it cool, separate the pieces and serve.

Check to see what my fellow bloggers are cooking for BM 76.


Freda Dias said…
Looks perfect and delicious !
Mayuri Patel said…
I love baklava but have yet to try making them at home. Looks yummy.
Oh delicious 😋 one of the yummilicious dessert!
Pavani N said…
I love baklava and your homemade version looks amazing.
Priya Suresh said…
Am a die hard fan of baklavas and those slices are seriously alluring, tempting me to the core.
Jagruti said…
My daughter loves Baklava, looks so nice!
Archana Potdar said…
Beautifully made. Love the baklava.
jayashree said…
This looks delicious..very nice.
Sapana Behl said…
We love bakalava and yours looks so tempting.

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