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Saggubiyyam Vada / Sago Vada

We need:

Sago / Saggubiyyam 2 cups Potato 1 large Onion 1 small Green chillies 3 Curry leaves 5 Cilantro chopped 1/4 cup Ginger chopped 1 sp Oil to deep fry Salt to taste


Soak sago over night and drain water. Add boiled and mashed potato, chopped green chilli, ginger, curry leaves, onion and cilantro. Add salt also and mix well. Heat oil and deep frying pan. Now take mixture of sago and make a round of a medium sized lime. Now make press the ball to make a patties. These patties should not be too thin nor too thick. Drop each pattie into oil and fry till golden brown and crisp. Serve hot with any chutney or sauce.

Black Eye Pea / Bean curry

Black eye bean curry is one of my favorite curry which my mom makes. I tried it last week but could not get the exact tasty what my mom used to make. But the cooking process is very simple. Each part of the world has a different name for this Black eye bean . Here goes the recipe...... We need:

Black Eye bean/peas 1cup Bay leaf 1 Cinnamon 1inch stick Cloves 3 Onion 1 small Tomato 1 small Salt to taste Chilli powder 1sp Haldi 1/4 sp Garam masala 1sp Green chillies 2 Chopped cilantro 1/4 cup Oil 5 sps


Soak the beans over night and presser cook. Remove and drain water. In a large pan heat oil and add the whole garam masala( cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf) Saute for few seconds and add choppes onion and green chillies. Once the onions turn golden brown add chopped tomato and cook well. Now add haldi, salt, chilli powder and garam masala. Mix well and add boiled beans. Add 1/2 cup water and cook on medium flames for 5 mits Garnish with cilantro and serve hot with chapati, roti , naan or even rice.