Paneer Paratha

We need:

Wheat flour 2 cups
Grated paneer 1/4 cup
Chopped green chilis 2
Chopped onion 3sps
Ajwai 1/4 sp
Chili powder 1sp
Salt to taste
Chopped cilantro 1/4 cup


Add water to wheat flout to make a stiff dough.
Grate paneer and add ajwain, chopped onion, cilantro, chili, salt and chili powder.
Mix well and make it to 6 equal size balls.

Make 6 equal balls with wheat dough too.
Now make medium size chapati with one ball and place the paneer ball in the middle and cover with all sides.
Now slowly make this as chapati andcook on hot tava / pan till golden brown.
Add little ghee or oil to the roasted paratha and serve hot.

Sending this recipe to Vardhini's New "u" event.

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Vardhini said…
Paratha looks perfectly made. Thx for linking to the event.
Chef Mireille said…
these look so delicious..have to try them
Athisaya Divya said…
Love the way you have spiced up the parathas..
Srivalli said…
Parathas are so delicious!...good one!
Niloufer Riyaz said…
yummy n delicious parathas
Preeti Garg said…
nice meal for breakfast or lunch box
Priya said…
Nutritious and protein packed parathas..loving it.
perfect , meal on its own
One paratha will be so filling .
PJ said…
Excellent for the kiddos lunchbox..
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Great item for lunch!
Usha said…
I can have it for breakfast right now.. Yum
Aarthi said…
They look delicious..Totally YUMMY

Julie said…
Nutritious n healthy paratha..

Erivum Puliyum
Gayathri Kumar said…
Wow! Paratha looks super inviting...

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