Ragi Roti ~~ Finger Millet Roti

Finger millet, according to Wikipedia it  is a native to the Ethiopian and Ugandan highlands. Ragi or Finger millet is a whole grain that is gluten free and a staple food in South India. It is rich in fiber that helps with weight loss and diabetes. It is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereals. Its packed with calcium, ammino acids and Vitamin D. Ragi flour is prepared by either crushing dried grains or spouting. 

Today's recipes if a healthy and yummy roti with Finger Millet / Ragi.  This recipe goes to week 2 day 3 of Blogging Marathon 94 under the theme " Millet Recipes".


Finger Millet / Ragi Flour  1 cup
Wheat flour 1 cup
Salt to taste


In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients and mix them well.
Add little water at a time to make it a  smooth dough.
Cover and set aside for 15 minutes.
Divide the dough into 8-10 portions.
Roll each dough portion using rolling pin giving it a round shape.
Heat non stick tawa and place the rolled roti on it.
Cook o…

Methi Bajra Poori ~~ Pearl millet & Fenugreek Poori

Pearl Millet is most widely grown type of Millet. Bajra or Pearl Millet has high amount of fiber and aids digestion. It also lowers your  bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol in your system. It is rich in antioxidants and can prevent the occurrence of cancer. It is rich in Vitamin B and is a gluten free.

Similar to wheat flour, bajra flour is slightly course in terms of texture. While preparing rotis or poori's it is often mixed with atta / wheat flour which makes it easier to roll out the dough.  They can be made with only bajra flour too but it requires some effort . Traditionally the dough is flattened using the palm of the hands to shape them into rotis before tossing them onto hot tawa.

Today's recipe is a yummy recipe with Bajra flour and fresh / dried fenugreek leaves.  Adding lottle wheat flour tot he recipe will make your job little easy while rolling them. Hot bajra poori's can be served with any curry or raita.  This recipe goes to the 2nd day of  Wee…

Foxtail Millet Dosa

Millets are a group of highly variable small seeded grasses widely grown around the world as cereal crops  or grains. Millets are important crops in Asia and Africa  especially in India, Mali and Nigeria.  The most widely grown millet is Pearl Millet  ( Bajra / Sajjalu ) which is important crop in India and parts of Africa.  Other important millet's are Finger millet, fox tail millet and Proso Millet.

Today we will be learning about Fox tail millet / Korralu / Kangni /Kang. It is the second most widely planted species of millet. It is the staple diet among the people in India..It is a gluten free grain, rich in protein, iron, calcium and minerals such as magnesium and phosphorous. Fox tail millets also lowers the risk of diabetes. It helps to lower the blood glucose levels and improve insulin response in the body.

Today's we are starting with 2nd week of Blogging Marathon 94. My theme for the week is "Millet Recipes". So I will be posting 3 amazing recipes with differe…

Banana Pancakes ~ 3 Ingredient Recipe

What a good way to start your day with a healthy and delicious breakfast. This is one such dish where you need only 3 ingredients to make a perfect, easy and quick dish. My kids love pancakes. I usually get a store bought pancake mix, add eggs  and milk along with some fruits or chocolate chips according to kids choice. But today's pancake dish is made without any flour. We just need 3 ingredients and can be made in just few minutes. 

For week 4, day 3 of Blogging Marathon 93, under the theme " Easy Breakfast Dishes" am here with a simple and delicious Banana Pancakes. This dish can also be served as  a  after school snack or a mid day snack. Here goes the list of ingredients and procedure......


Banana 1
Eggs 2
Cinnamon powder 1/4 spoon


Mash banana in a mixing bowl.
Add eggs and beat well.
Now cinnamon powder and combine well.
Heat non stick pan and add little butter.
Drop a ladle full of egg and banana mixture on the pan.
Cook for few seconds and flip to c…

Spanish Omelet ~~ Tortilla De Papas

Spanish omelet is a English name for a traditional dish from Spanish Cuisine called tortilla de papas. It is a omelet made with eggs and potatoes. Onions and other veggies can be added according to their taste. Click here to know more about Spanish Omelet, its history, preparation , and variations.

Today's special Spanish Omelet goes to the 4th week,  2nd day of Blogging Marathon 93 under the theme " Easy Breakfast Dishes". Here goes the recipe..........


Eggs 4
Onion chopped 1/4 cup
Potato 1 (boiled, peeled and then sliced or diced )
Chopped cilantro 3 spoons
Minced garlic 1/4 spoon
Italian Seasoning 1 spoon
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder 1/4 spoon
Butter 1 spoon


Heat on stick pan and add butter.
Also add minced garlic and saute for few seconds.
Now chopped onion and cook  for about 1.5 to 2 minutes on low to medium flame.
Now add boiled, peeled and cubed potato pieces.
Mix well and add  salt to taste, black pepper powder, Italian seasoning.
Mix thoroughly.

Puffed Rice Upma ~~ Murmura Upma

Breakfast is first and  important meal of the day.  There are a lot of breakfast recipes which take quite sometime to prepare and which take  just few minutes to prepare. From today for next 3 days will be sharing 3 quick and easy breakfast dishes. 

We are in the 4th week for Blogging Marathon 93, my theme for week is "Easy Breakfast Recipes". So for day 1, am here with a very quick, easy and healthy breakfast dish Murmura Upma / Puffed Rice Upma. Here goes the recipe.......


Puffed rice 2 cups
Roasted peanuts 4 spoons
Onion sliced 1/2 cup
Tomato chopped 1/2 cup
Chopped green chili 1 spoon
Chopped cilantro 2 spoons
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Cumin seeds 1/2 spoon
Chana dal 1 spoon
Curry leaves 4
Salt to taste
Turmeric / Haldi 1/2 spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Lime juice 2 spoons
Oil 4 spoons


Heat oil in a non stick pan.
Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, chana dal, curry leaves.
Add sliced onions and saute for 2-3 minutes.
Add roasted peanuts and chopped green chili.
Now add choppe…

Motichoor Ladoo

Motichoor Ladoo are traditional North Indian sweet made specially festivals.Thee ladoos are made of  very small gram flour balls or boondhi which are deep fried in oil or ghee then simmered in sugar syrup till they absorb the syrup. The preparation for Motichoor ladoo is same as Boondhi Ladoo. The word Motichoor literally translates to crushed pearls and honestly we think their couldn't have been a better name for the delicacy. Originally associated with states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh these ladoos were also easy to store in the torrid temperatures and wouldn't go bad for days.

To make today's recipe I didn't have the mootichoor ladoo ladle, so used the regular boondhi ladle to make boondhi. Just to make the pearls / boondhi to small size I have added the boondhi to mixer grinder and gave it  just 1 pulse. And then added to the syrup. Motichoor ladoo ladle are easily available in India, as I couldn't find it here in US managed to prepare this delicious sweet…